Our Mission

We are a medium sized, family-owned, German business. Our decisions and activities are therefore not aimed at short-term profits, but at continuity, entrepreneurial vision and sustained growth.

We develop and manufacture highly specialized, innovative and efficient spring solutions as well as individual services for our customers.

Our products are used for the absorption of loads, for the application of forces, and are as well a store of potential energy. They are often “unseen” but nevertheless a technically and economically essential element that contributes to more comfort as well as to the reliability of various consumer products.

As a result of our leading product and process know-how as well as our highly trained, motivated and flexible work force and of course our total focus on our customer needs, we have achieved a leading position in the core sectors of business on the European and Asian markets.

Our Vision

We wish to maintain this position for the long term and to continuously extend it. This is supported by our globally-binding Business Excellence Culture B.A.U.M..
Especially for spring applications in the automotive powertrain area, for further chosen automotive and other superior industrial applications, we want to convince with our performance and thus become an internationally leading solution provider in these areas.

Based on our European roots we aim to expand our expertise and production in Asia. In North America we are striving to become a leading provider of spring solutions too. Thus, we are able to deliver or competencies, performance and quality to our globally acting customers worldwide directly on-site.

Among the European markets, we wish to also meet the challenges of strategic customers on the North American markets as well as in South and East Asia in the future. Through the constant generation of improved added value for our customers, we aim to extend our position and increase our enterprise value to maintain the sustainability of our company group and its production locations.

Business principles

Our business principles summarize the way of thinking and contribution of our staff to achieve our stated goals.

All of our actions are focused on our customers needs.

It is our task to increase their benefit and success. Customer orientation and simultaneous satisfaction of staff and shareholders are the basic motive of our actions.

Our high standards require motivation and qualification. To guarantee and constantly increase these standards is not just a management task, but also a question of everybody’s self control.
To achieve our business goals we need
flexibility and commitment. We do not only show this to our customers but also to our superiors, colleagues and employees.

Every employee enjoys the
confidence of the company to deal with property and high monetary values and treat them with respect. Everybody has to accept the responsibility for his actions. Cost effective thinking and action is the condition for a trustful cooperation.

We focus on a holistic understanding of Quality and environment, having the task to satisfy the customer at the end of the process. Quality does not only mean error free products, but it’s the main criteria of the overall business performance.

Each employee is committed in his occupation, to avoid environmental pollution and to use resources efficiently. The compliance with legal requirements is considered in all corporate decisions.

An integrated management system for quality, environment and energy is implemented.

All financial and structural requirements for achieving our corporate goals are implemented if economically and technically appropriate. The same applies to the procurement of energy-efficient products and services.

Only as a team we can be strong in the market. Each individual is encouraged to contribute full professional and social potential and creativity for the common success.

Team work and global network thinking ensure the success of our customers.

We act in a
responsible way towards employees, society and environment and make a contribution to the improvement of life quality by the use of our products and services. The health and safety of our employees as well as the protection of the environment and the efficient use of energy in the execution of our services always have priority (over economic interests).

We are
fair and respectful to each other. We are always looking for an open and trustful dialogue - within the company and with our business partners.

Management principles

The management principles are the condition for the behaviour of our executives to their employees. They are the basis for a lasting, trusting and productive coexistence.

Leadership by example

We expect our executives to act everyday according to the management principles and company targets and to transmit it positively to the employees. Also established rules are exemplified and its benefits are shown by the management to our staff. We request to observe it consequently towards or staff.

Leadership through delegation of tasks and responsibilities

We encourage pro activity as well as entrepreneurial thinking and acting from our employees and create the necessary scope of action by delegation of responsibility, tasks and competences.

Leadership by advancement and development

Training, education and advanced enhancement of the employees are of high importance to us. By means of determined and individual advancement of competent and performance oriented employees, special and executive positions can be filled from our own ranks which strengthen the commitment of the employees to the company.

Leadership by information and communication

We inform our employees about goals, strategies, and relevant business information and try to make economic contexts and decisions transparent and comprehensible. We enhance the innovative power of the company through knowledge and experience exchange, by the acceptance of constructive criticism and proposals for improvement. We positively deal with mistakes and use them as an opportunity for a continuous improvement process.

Leadership by fair cooperation

Tolerance, fairness, openness, mutual respect and cooperativeness form the basis of our cooperation within our company group but also towards our business partners.

This includes the acceptance of performance shown, as well as the constructive criticism in case of errors or performance deficiencies.

Anröchte, July 6th, 2015

Sven Schroer     Commercial Managing Director     Dr. Ottmar Müller     Technical Managing Director