2010Reorganisation of the production layout of the Powertrain division in Anröchte.
2009New construction of an 8000 sq metre production site and warehouse with administrative office for the divisions IF (industrial Springs) and FTT (springs for the door and gate industry).
2007Construction and relocation into new logistics centre for the division FTT in Anröchte.
As a service and logistic partner of our customers we built a logistic centre especially for our customers in the area of industrial and garage doors.
2006Foundation of Brand Springs Poland, PL.
To provide optimal service to our East European customers and to extend our market presence, we …established the sales and engineering company BSP.
2005Acquisition of new production plant Federn Brand Erwitte and start of production.
For sustained and strategic growth and as a further and clear commitment to our location in Germany we have acquired an industrial building in Erwitte. Size of the area: 40.000 sq m, effective area: 6.100 sq m.
2003Foundation of the BRANDHOLDING
The BRANDHOLDING coordinates all activities of the BRAND GROUP.
2000Construction of the plant FTT in Anröchte
The continuous growth in the last years requires a new plant in Anröchte. For the production of springs for the door and gate industry a new manufacturing plant of 3.500 qm is constructed.
1997Foundation of SATA Trading, France.
To provide optimal sales and engineering service, the sales and engineering office SATA Trading in Schweighouse (Haguenau, France) is established.
1996Acquisition of SATA, F and start of production
Foundation of SATA. Production site in Schweighouse (Haguenau) France.
1990Foundation of Continental Springs, UK
Establishment of the sales and engineering office Continental Springs in Great Britain.
1984Acquisition of MFW, Lüdenscheid and start of production
The Märkische Federn-Werk is specialised in the production of all kinds of industrial springs.
1972New plant and move to Anröchte.
Despite several extensions of the production area the existing capacities are not sufficient.
All plants will be merged into a new site in Anröchte. Production area at that time: 4.200 sq m. In the following years the production area increases to 20.000 sq m.
1962Entry of Dr. Bernt Schroer as general partner and general manager.
Establishment of a fully automated production unit. The engineers of the company will develop the machinery. Due to continuous and substantial growth Federn Brand will soon be one of the leading manufacturers of cold-formed springs in Germany.
1922Foundation of Wilhelm Brand KG, Lippstadt.
Foundation of the Wilhelm Brand KG in Lippstadt (Westfalia) by Wilhelm Brand.