Cylindrical damper springs

We are the leading manufacturer of cylindrical damper springs for Drivetrain applications in Europe.

Cylindrical damper springs are produced in modern manufacturing processes and meet the highest dynamical requirements.

  • We process high-quality, oil tempered torsion and valve spring wire qualities.
  • Torsion spring wire qualities: Continuous surface crack detection of 40 or 60μm
  • Valve spring wire qualities: furnace melted with few inclusions "Super Clean", shaved and continuous surface crack detection 40μm
  • Processing of round and profiled wire cross-sections
  • Available with progressive spring rate curve
  • Nitriding of springs to increase the compressive residual stress and thus to increase the lifetime and to reduce wear
  • Surface coating to increase the corrosion resistance
  • Measuring equipment for optical measurement of the springs
  • Wire diameters of 1.00 - 8.00 mm



Lars Henkel

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Dr. Stephan Huber

Fon: +49(2947)889-126



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