Springs for industrial doors

Industrial sectional springs are products exposed to torsion. They are used to provide force to assist the opening and closing movement for industrial doors.


shot peened and lacquered
internally coated
striped marking
individually labelled

Material quality DIN EN 10270-1 DIN EN 10270-1
DIN EN 10270-3 DIN EN 10270-3
other materials on request
Wire thicknessesUp to 12.0 mm untreated, shot-peened and lacquered
up to 10.5 mm galvanized
wire diameter in 0.5 mm steps
intermediate sizes on request
Lengthsup to 4000 mm untreated or galvanized
up to 2000 mm shot peened and lacquered
Internal diameter65/67 mm, 95 mm, 142 mm, 152 mm
Special dimensions are always possible
End processingWe shape the ends of the springs as per your reques
AssemblyWe will assemble on request with cones and support tubes



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Jochen Birwe

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