Arc springs

  • We process high-quality, oil tempered torsion and valve spring quality wires.
  • Torsion spring quality wires: continuous surface crack detection 40 or 60μ
  • Valve spring quality wires: furnace melted with few inclusions "Super Clean", shaved and continuous surface crack detection 40μm
  • Processed from round and profiled wire cross-sections
  • Available with progressive spring rate curve
  • Arc springs can be offered as individual springs or in various spring set variants to enable multi-level spring rate curves
  • Using manufacturing technologies which we have developed ourselves and which are patent protected through the Brand Group
  • Wire diameters: 1.00 - 8.00 mm



Lars Henkel

Fon: +49(2947)889-120



Dr. Stephan Huber

Fon: +49(2947)889-126



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