Tension Springs

Tension springs will be manufactured according to customer requirements for all market sectors.

  • We process all customary and commercial materials. You can find details in our material table.
  • Wire thicknesses from 0.6 - 6.5 mm fully automatic and from to 12.0 mm semi-automatic
  • Production of special eyelets on CNC-controlled machines

All types of surface treatments, colour markings and labelling are possible and can individually be created.




Anke Altmann

Fon: +49(2947)889-161

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e-mail: AAltmann@federn-brand.de


Tanja Weber

Fon: +49(2947)889-163

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e-mail: TWeber@federn-brand.de


Jörg Ruhose

Fon: +49(2947)889-159

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e-mail: JRuhose@federn-brand.de


Eckhard Müller

Fon: +49(2947)889-160

Fax: +49(2947)889-292

e-mail: EMueller@federn-brand.de


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